Fotos de willyrex en minecraft

Fotos de willyrex en minecraft

tutorial minecraft willyrex 3d pirate skin / how to make a

No doubt in Los Angeles at E3 with all the Machinima people and well known Youtubers, H3cz, Seananners, Sandy Ravage, Whiteboy, Uberhaxornova, Woody, Tmartn, xJawz, Muzzafuzza.... And many more without a doubt it was incredible. And the treatment from Machinima was 10.
They will simply stay there. Minecraft has no end, I just finish them when I don't feel like recording them or I don't feel like it, because Minecraft is a game that I use to disconnect and enjoy it, they are long videos and I have to be happy with what I record because otherwise it shows and they become boring. RegardsView more
Yes, the truth is that I haven't gone on vacation this summer since we came back from LA... But I would like to go somewhere at the end of this month or early next month.... Maybe back to USA =)View more
Going back to study the career I started, I have always liked to study things that I find interesting... But to go from studying "Business Administration and Management" to having my own business and managing it as I wish.... A Youtube channel has its marketing "strategies", you have data provided by Youtube, "What has been liked and what has not" The reproductions of each video etc ... is like a mini-company ...View more

una boda para olvidar | #apocalipsisminecraft4 | episodio 79

A fecha de noviembre de 2017 [actualización], su canal de YouTube TheWillyrex cuenta con más de 12 millones de suscriptores y 4.350 millones de visualizaciones, lo que le convierte en el tercer canal con más suscripciones de España[5] y en el 75º canal con más suscripciones del mundo[6].
En noviembre de 2017, su canal de YoutTube TheWillyrex cuenta con más de 12 millones de suscriptores y 4.350 millones de visualizaciones, lo que lo convierte en el 3er canal más suscrito de España y el 75º del mundo. Según Díaz, empezó su canal de YouTube para compartir gameplays con sus amigos[7].
Díaz ha dicho que creó su nombre de YouTube, Willyrex, como nombre de pantalla de mensajería cuando tenía unos 11 años, años antes de empezar su canal de YouTube. Eligió willy porque es un apodo del equivalente inglés de su nombre de pila, William. Eligió rex porque es la palabra rey en latín[7].

tutorial minecraft willyrex skin new 3d / how to make a

Youtuber #9: Vegetta777 (32.6 million)With full dedication to video games, Vegeta777 has managed to earn the position thanks to his Minecraft series with which he conquered millions of young people and teenagers. He has books and is best friends with the also famous Willyrex.
Youtuber #3: JuegaGerman (44.1 million)And precisely, German Garmendia's new channel is dedicated to playing, a very sought after topic on the platform and the one that has made the Chilean break his own record of the main channel.
Youtuber #2: Badabun (44.7 million)Badabun serves up entertainment as if it were a TV channel. His "exposing cheaters" show is one of the most popular, with interviewees looking to check couples' cell phones to find out if they really love or betray each other.

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