When does season 10 start league of legends

When does season 10 start league of legends

When lol season 12 starts

Riot Games has announced that today, January 10, begins Season 10 of League of Legends, the popular MOBA of the Californian studio and one of the most important free-to-play video games in the world. The company responsible for the title has published a spectacular three-minute video with which it has presented this new stage.
The trailer features some popular League of Legends champions such as Lux, Caitlyn, Vi, Garen and Kai'Sa, among others, who face creatures and monsters from the game's universe. In the background, Riot Games brings back "Warriors," the song Imagine Dragons composed for the game in 2014.
League of Legends was originally released in 2009 for computers and, since then, is one of the free-to-play video games with the most players. Riot Games' MOBA has also become one of the main eSports titles and has hundreds of professional teams around the world competing in international championships.

When does the lol 2020 season end?

League of Legends is getting ready to close out Season 10 this 2020 and it's time to wonder when exactly it ends. The rewards and the end of this course of LoL are closer than they seem and there are barely about three months left until we can enjoy the next preseason and close one of the sweetest chapters in the history of Riot Games.
League of Legends Season 10 started last January 10 and will last until next November 10. This date is indicated by the end of the third split of the rankeds, whose end is announced in the League of Legends client itself just for that day. In addition, the arrival of version 10.23 is expected during the same early morning, which would mark the beginning of the preseason.
The time for the end of the competitive split will be 12 midnight. Although as you can see in the image it marks 87 days and 13 hours left (check when we have made the capture in the caption), we have to take into account the time change of the first week of October.

When the lol 11 season ends

The League of Legends qualifying seasons that have been held so far started and ended in the same date range. Season 11 is expected to end around November 10, 2021.
Marking the end of each League of Legends season, Riot Games will give out rewards based on players' performance during that season. Even if you're a new player and have never participated in the annual giveaways, know that there will be something in it for you too, despite your rank.
Other rewards consist of summoner icons, profile borders and profile banners. Each of them depends on the rank you have finished. If you have finished the season at Platinum, you will receive a Platinum border, banner, icon, etc. Clash icons and banners are also part of the rewards if you have participated in the events.

When the lol 2022 season ends

As always, the Worlds 2020 finals will serve as a prelude for the rest of the players, marking the beginning of the countdown. LoL is about to change again with a 2021 preseason full of changes, especially for the itemization of jungle and in the rework of many objects so far key in many characters. A very nice few weeks in which to enjoy those disgustingly broken items before they are nerfed for Season 11.
But when does the end of League of Legends Season 10 arrive? Well, the client itself already warns us about it with a brief message that only lasts a few seconds, but in which we can clearly read what has been known for some time. It will be on Tuesday, November 10 when the qualification season will end. More specifically in the early hours of the day, so on the night of Monday 9 we can say goodbye to the rankeds.

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