Wasted on league of legends.

Wasted on league of legends.

Checks play league of legends

League of Legends players can now know how much time they have spent playing the popular MOBA thanks to the Wasted on League of Legends tool. The web application also allows to know the position in the ranking of most played hours for the region and the whole world.
The application, developed by Frenchman Nicolas Ropiot, is available at wastedonlol.com. It also offers a calculation of how many days the hours spent playing the game represent. Currently, almost 900,000 League of Legends players have used the tool to find out how much time they have "wasted" in the game, which is 13.33 percent of the total number of monthly active users.


But Riots Pflasterfix - a 600-point repeat mission launched in week 3 - went too far the other way. Now the story is meaningless. Past routines have been wasted, and now you can complete each region in two games, so there's no point in moving on to the next chapter.
It's so predetermined that the first few slides of Chapter 1 of a new region give you an idea of what's going to happen. A fortuitous coincidence means that Viego (or Vex) is going to hit you there, and you'll just see that shard fall into his hands.
The champions themselves are also awkwardly written. Olaf is just a tall, smelly man who can get angry at a counter, contrary to what was traditionally said. Graves likes Vayne, even though she hates wizards and is one of Graves' best friends, Twisted Fate. Every interaction lacks nuance and we don't really learn much outside of stereotypical tropes.
The guy is apparently powerful enough to corrupt not only the spirit of Ionia (karma) but also literal demigods in Targon like Pantheon (I wonder how Aatrox will feel). His whole character destroying the world for love is so shallow and at the expense of previously well written champions.

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I'm sure you know someone who boasts of not having spent a single euro on League of Legends. However, I'm sure they've left a huge amount of the other resource that Riot Games' MOBA demands: time. Whether it's ARAMs, SoloQs in Summoner's Rift or even games of Teamfight Tactics, many of us have hundreds of hours invested in a game that (sometimes) makes us angry.
That's the most beautiful thing about League of Legends, it can get on our nerves but we always fall back into its arms to play one more game. And with an average duration of 30 minutes per game, LoL has taken many hours that you could have spent on another task.
Thanks to Wasted on LoL (wol.gg) it is possible to know how many hours you have spent playing League of Legends. Not only that, but you can also search by summoner and server name, making it possible for you to take a look at how many hours your friend "el viciao" has been playing.
We leave you our data and encourage you to share yours. Remember that it is our decision to invest our free time as we like and that you don't have to feel guilty for having played many hours, as we are sure that you have made very good friends or even helped you to escape from other problems of your day to day life.

How much i have spent lol

That games like League of Legends are a well of hours capable of trapping us in a bestial way is no surprise. In fact, the sum of games can be mind-blowing in some cases and, to find out if yours is one of those, let's find out how many hours you've played LoL.
Thanks to the Wasted on LoL page we can check how many hours we have played League of Legends. To do this we just have to enter our summoner name and it will detail the time we have spent in the free MOBA from Riot Games in minutes, hours and days.
In addition to consulting your hours of play in League of Legends you can also check the time your friends have spent playing. To do this you only have to enter their username on the same page and find out how much time they might have spent watching movies, reading or playing sports.

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