There was a problem updating league of legends

There was a problem updating league of legends


These continuous updates are what forces many to learn how to update League of Legends manually. Here we are going to explain everything you need to do to get each new update without any complications and, in addition, what you should do in case the annoying update errors that populate the Riot support forums appear.
However, in case you have not previously installed the video game on your computer, you must follow a series of specific steps to get the update. Follow the instructions below to download the new League of Legends update step by step:

An unexpected error occurred when trying to access a file required for the update.

Error code 004 can happen to any player when updating their League of Legends (LoL) and the fixes are fairly straightforward. Most of the time the problem is fixed by simply restarting the game client and trying to patch again. If simply restarting doesn't work, you can go ahead with the solutions below.
Before trying anything technical, you should try starting the game as administrator. Do this even if you are logged in as administrator. Windows has tightened the leash on what third-party applications can do with limited permissions. Therefore, in some cases, the patch fails just because you don't have administrator privileges. Run this program as administrator - League of Legends Launcher
Press Windows + E to launch File Explorer and click This-PC in the left navigation bar. Now check from the information below each drive to see if there is enough space. If there isn't, you can clean out the junk and remove excessive programs and then try patching again after restarting your computer.

Hextech repair tool could not load service status

If you're looking at this table, you're probably asking yourself, "great, but how does this impact client performance?" The answer is complicated, but in broad strokes: fewer Ember plugins and applications make the client code more efficient. Simpler code equals better performance and also results in a client that developers can more easily improve.
One of the ways we have been measuring the impact of our work is by tracking the amount of time it takes for the client to start. Below, you'll see a table showing how we've been tracking that metric over time:
We expect to see further improvements in startup times in upcoming releases, especially now that we've developed a new solution that allows us to more intelligently specify which plugins to load when the client starts up. (Visit the most recent post on the client for a more in-depth discussion of this topic in the section titled "The Affinity Problem").

League of legends client tool

League of Legends is light enough to run on today's older gaming machines. This allowed the game to reach millions of PCs and also meant it would have a fair amount of bugs.
Riot League updatesClient constantly, which doesn't ease the blow for players in terms of the amount of bugs they receive. While each new patch fixes some known bugs, they also introduce new ones. Troubleshooting for each may seem like a terrible task, but almost all of the new bugs resemble old ones that are no surprise for a decade-old game.
While it may sound simple, we recommend restarting your PC and all running League processes before trying any of the solutions below, as most problems tend to fix themselves.
Repairing the client has the best chance of success in fixing this problem. If that does not work, we recommend removing RiotClientServices.old and ucrtbase.dll before trying again.

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