The art of league of legends book

The art of league of legends book

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"War is a great service to the kingdom." So begins Sun Tzu's famous book The Art of War. A masterpiece that has helped generals and professionals of many other sectors, of all times, to improve in their respective fields. Translating this first sentence to LoL, and taking into consideration everything that is written in the work, we can adapt it into: "The game is a great fanservice".
Translating it this way to the modernity of Riot's game, instead of defining it in more aggressive ways has a lot to do with the way in which the authors, masked in the figure of Master Sun, define victorious generals, who are those who do not seek personal gain but the good of their kingdom and who compose it.
Most of these aspects become effective in picks and bans, where both teams form a strategy around what they know about the enemy, where they play and what their players are capable of doing. In fact, we will see in the examples how these picks and bans are the first approach between the opponents and without being the first battle as such, it does prepare the ground by generating advantages and disadvantages that they must use to their advantage.

the art of league of legends: irelia rework [zc]

One of the main characteristics of Riot Games is that when it comes to art or visual development of their characters, they always go a step further. Whether it is with champion presentations to video teasers or digital images of very good quality. A faithful proof of all this are the videos of Braum, Bardo and Ekko, which at the time made us shudder for the good quality and ambience they possessed.
Riot Games decided to capitalize on the fans' love for League of Legends art and launched their first book titled "The Art of League of Legends" where the idea of the book is to explain the origins of the champions and their art, along with explaining where the concepts for the different cities that exist in Runeterra were born.

i'll draw for riot points: a celebration of rp art

We will see in this page a few very interesting league of legends books that we have found about the general history of the game, some of its characters, guides and strategies as well as some purely dedicated to entertain. It should be noted that the quality is quite good both in content and graphics.
League of Legends Lux 1-5, the kingdom is safe and people are happy. Unless you are a mage. Luxanna must hide who she really is. But when she seeks out an imprisoned mage to learn how to control her magic, will she protect herself. Or condemn democracy?
Her goal is to protect her homeland of Ionia... even if she must shed innocent blood! The man known as Zed is now the leader of a gang of assassins. When the magically gifted psychopath known as khadajhin returns to kill again, Zed must confront his troubled past in more ways than one, including a reunion with his former friend Shen, son of the master Zed killed!

lol illustrators

Ah Puch, in the Dresden Codex. Certainly in the geographic scope the set of Mayan myths includes the communities that inhabited the south region of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and the north zone of Belize.
As in other mythologies, the Mayas used this type of stories to explain natural phenomena, the difference can be found in their complex ceremonies to pay tribute and in the idea of considering that the universe fulfilled a cyclical regeneration that included cataclysms and catastrophes.
The Mayan history of the creation of the Quiché is the Popol Vuh. In the mud without much success, later man is created from wood with equally unsuccessful results, after the two failures man is created in a third attempt, this time from corn and assigned tasks that praised gods: gem cutter, stone carver and others. Some believe that the Maya did not appreciate art for its own sake, but that all their works were for the exaltation of the gods.

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