Resumen temporada 6 league of legends

Resumen temporada 6 league of legends

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The Mythic Forge update brought with it some big changes in terms of items. Initially, we wanted to make sure that all champions could make different strategic decisions in every game. While we still feel that our goal is appropriate, you have told us that making strategic decisions on each and every one of your items is not always a good thing or even possible, especially in the case of the most tense games.
We continue to monitor both usage rates and rune power levels throughout the system, and we believe we can make some specific changes that will improve the current system. Most obviously, we believe that the identity of the Inspiration tree is not entirely clear, and we would like to expand the use of its key runes. These are our plans for the preseason:
The rewards for finishing off streaky champions are a way to balance out games, as they grant you additional gold for killing enemies that get the upper hand on you. They have been with us for a while and they work, so we don't intend to change them. However, we believe we can give you other ways to turn a game around when the going gets tough. For this, we have target rewards in mind. The objective (redundancy aside) of these rewards is:

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Here is a page with statistics. In the breakdown by role, of the 25 champions with the best winrate, only 5 are tanks (and I'm including Taric and Blitz who build utility). In the ban rate, 3 of the top 10 are tanks, and in the pick rate, also, only 5 of the 25 with the highest percentage. Anyway...
To tell you the truth and being a LoL player for a while now, let me tell you that you are completely wrong, right now the meta is not of the tanks but rather as one of the comments says, is of the carry and I tell you from my own experience, right now a draven full build or more or less fedeado can easily defeat the tanks, although it is not the meta of the depends more on how you play and everything :v

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With the arrival of Illaoi and some certainly innovative mechanics, a wide range of possibilities began to present themselves. Later Jhin, the most aggressive AD Carry so far, came to the rift and was here to stay; after that we have been shown even more new mechanics with champions like Aurelion Sol, Kled or Ivern, which have not shined too much due to a meta focused on AD Carries.
- The big update of mages along with rift dragons. This got already forgotten champions back into play while showing us a great change to the meta game with reworks to the dragons, which stopped being an objective to get a gold advantage, to be a priority objective providing buffs that gave us a greater strategic advantage, making them one of the main objectives during the early and mid game.
- The Competitive, which has conditioned adjustments in the most played champions. As a result of some changes to the Ekko champion, an unexpected boom of a build based on tanky was made in the competitive field. This change to Ekko, together with a new Korean build of Lucian, has made them the two most played champions of this half and end of the Season.

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La League of Legends Japan League (LJL) es la competición profesional de League of Legends de más alto nivel en Japón[2][3][4] La liga se convirtió en franquicia antes del inicio de la temporada 2019 y cuenta con ocho equipos asociados[1] Cada temporada anual de juego se divide en dos partes, primavera y verano, ambas consistentes en diez rondas de torneos de ida y vuelta, que concluyen con torneos de playoffs entre los tres mejores equipos. Los campeones de primavera y verano se clasifican para el Mid-Season Invitational y el Campeonato Mundial, respectivamente[5].
Ocho equipos compiten en un round robin doble durante la fase de grupos, con partidos al mejor de uno. Los seis mejores equipos de la fase de grupos pasan a las eliminatorias, y los dos primeros comienzan en la segunda ronda.

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