New league of legends client obs

New league of legends client obs

8:18how to setup obs studio for streaming league of legends ...vincent k atlyoutube - 24 aug 2020

If you are one of the people that when you are doing streams or live, you forget to switch scenes, or you just feel lazy to be switching manually between one scene and the other, this entry on how to do automatic switching will be very useful.
Follow the following steps, that I show next, the example is based on the game League of legends, and of which it is a game in which in the equipment 2 windows appear, one that makes reference to the Launcher, that is not more where we have the chat, the friends, the options of creation of the different types of games, etc... and the client, that is the window that shows the current game that we have in process.
To begin, we are going to open OBS Studio, we should have created two different scenes, one that makes reference to the scene where the lol launcher appears, and another one in which it makes reference to the Lol client.
In the Windows start bar, you can differentiate which is the Launcher and which is the Client, both have a different Icon, in the following image, I show my start bar, in which appear two images that make reference to the League of Legends game.

Obs league of legends client

7Settings > AudioGeneralSampling Rate: This refers to the number of "Audio Samples" that are generated to output the sound from your audio system. It is important to avoid errors if you use the same sample rate in your audio devices as in the OBS. In this case it is recommended to use sampling at 44.1khz which is the audio sampling standard in most devices.Channels: Refers to the channels that the audio will occupy, it can be mono or stereo. It is recommended to use stereo audio since many games use stereo channels and this will generate a better experience for those watching the audiovisual material.
12In the Stream Service Information Window you must enter the data provided by your streaming service. Then the program will show you a screen where some connection and Internet speed tests will be performed if necessary.
20Import Installs a set of scenes from an external file with JSONExport extension Converts the currently selected set of scenes into an external file for sharing or backup. Generates a JSON file with the scene, source and filter settings.NOTE Importing or exporting scene sets does not include the files they depend on (images, videos, sounds, etc)SourcesAudio Input CaptureThis source is used to capture input audio devices (microphones, instruments, consoles, etc), it is not recommended for use unless you have used andall input audio devices in the OBS settings (Settings>Audio).  Setup:    This is an easy source to configure, you only need to select the device to capture and select the Checkbox "Use device time" if you want to use the device sample rate instead of the one configured in OBSFilters:Audio Filters.

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10:12obs tutorial: como transmitir a liga de lendas em um ultrawide ...sander - 1 jan 2021

A nossa investigação está em curso, e estamos a analisar todos os registos e dados relevantes para avaliar o impacto real. Para uma actualização ver Twitch (@Twitch) 7 de Outubro de 2021
No mesmo posto, Twitch disse ter redefinido todas as palavras-passe de streaming como medida de precaução. Devido a isto, os utilizadores terão de actualizar manualmente o software de streaming que utilizam com a nova chave.
"Os utilizadores do OBS que não tenham ligado a sua conta Twitch ao OBS terão de copiar manualmente a sua chave de transmissão do seu Twitch Dashboard e colá-la no OBS. Para todos os outros, consulte as instruções de configuração específicas para o software da sua escolha", concluiu Twitch.
Por uma abundância de cautela, reiniciamos todas as chaves de fluxo. Pode obter a sua nova chave de fluxo aqui: Para mais informações, visite o blogue Twitch: Twitch (@Twitch) 7 de Outubro de 2021

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