League of legends what is mmr

League of legends what is mmr

League of legends what is mmr del momento

what is my mmr

Surely since you started playing League of Legends you will have heard the acronym MMR (formerly known as ELO) and there are still people who do not know very well what it is or what these acronyms mean and how it influences the game. That's why I will explain in a simple way and as clear as possible in this guide.
Its function is to create games in which each team has the same chances of winning as its opponent. In other words, using a complex system, the game puts two teams that have a MMR as similar as possible.
HOW DOES THE MMR AFFECT THE LEAGUES? In parallel, each league is assigned a level or approximate MMR that the players should have (this score is calculated based on the MMR of the players who are playing at that level). Thus, if we win many games and our MMR goes up, we will play with people from higher leagues than ours, and if we lose many games and our MMR goes down, we will play with people from lower leagues.
As long as our MMR is higher than that of the league we play in we will win more LP (league points) when we win and lose less in defeat, because with this system the game detects that our league should be higher. On the other hand, if our MMR is lower than the league we are in, we will win less points and lose more.

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In League of Legends, when we want to play in qualifiers or rankeds, we usually have these questions and it can be overwhelming to understand how it all works. It's okay! Here we explain how the MMR works, which is a system similar to Elo; what are the leagues and divisions; and what you need to climb positions.
Get to know the game's leaguesLeague of Legends rankings divide players into nine different levels, also called leagues or tiers. They represent our place in the competition and each league has a specific name. From the lowest league to the highest, the order is as follows:
As we can see, from Iron to Diamond, the leagues are divided into four divisions organized in a decreasing order: IV, III, II and I. That means that, to give an example, if we move up from Bronze I to the next division, our new ranking will be Silver IV. Therefore, the lowest level of the game is Iron IV.
First of all, if we play for the first time in the season, we will have to complete ten qualifying games. If we look closely, we will get a provisional rank after playing the first game. This rank serves as a starting point for our ranking.

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LoL MMR is something that used to be much more accessible to players in the early seasons of LoL; however, the situation changed since the introduction of LP. Even third-party websites can't give accurate information about players' MMR.
Your MMR is transferred with your account regardless of region. So you don't have to worry about losing your MMR. However, what doesn't move is your rank, so if you are an Aspirant player and you move to a new server, you will have to start from placements, but with Aspirant MMR. So you will skip the divisions and go back to Aspirant.
Elo and MMR serve essentially the same purpose of determining where a given player ranks in comparison to others. The original Elo system was developed by Arpad Elo, to determine the rating in chess.
Generally, in League of Legends ranked, Riot uses the MMR point system behind the division badge to determine the LP gain of each player on each team, depending on their opposition, win rate and win streak. Players who have a low win rate in their division often play against less skilled players who are often ranked lower than them.

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