League of legends stats win rate

League of legends stats win rate

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League of Legends has some of the champions that are taking great advantage of Riot Games' leveling stats, to the extent that some are already at the top of Summoner's Rift Winrate specifically when mentioning the ones that are carrieling the SoloQ.
League of Legends has just adjusted its champions and the gaming community has noticed which ones are having better stats, for which Mark Yetter has already revealed some data.  We found some changes in certain lines, although nothing that has completely changed the style of play.  Upper Street At least as far as SoloQ is concerned, we have run many versions with the same goal. The crit completely dominates, forgetting about the tank where nothing happened. Knives remain one of the essential equipment for most champions. However, due to the presence of sailors, Trinity troops also gained some strength.
Central Lane The SoloQ 11.7 logo is the killer on Central Street. There are so many of them that Katarina, Talon and Ziana become the realm of the middle lane. However, this version is different. The mage regained his position in the lane, especially considering that people like Vladimir became stronger due to the improvements in patch 11.8.As a result, Kassadin rose to the top of the line with a draft rate of 5.7% and a win rate of 50.24%. Followed by Vladimir (Vladimir), he received a big boost when reviewing the version. With so much, the champion won 53.12% of his game and has a selection rate of 9%. Close the Qiyana at the top. Like the previous version, "Queen of Elements" remains one of the strongest champions, appearing in 7.8% of the games and winning 52.82% of the games.Shooters In SoloQ, the end result is exactly the same as in the previous patch. Among others, the key and improvement shooter stand out. The early game champions have lost all their strength, so the bottom line now focuses on farming and killing time. Supports play a vital role in these routes, allowing shooters to climb without problems.

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Para generar estas estadísticas de Senna, analizamos 305.764 rondas competitivas recientes de LoL con ella elegida. Sacamos los resúmenes de las partidas clasificadas directamente de los servidores de Riot. Esto nos permite estar muy seguros de nuestras estadísticas de Senna. No hizo un gran trabajo en las últimas partidas. Su promedio de victorias es del 49,1%.
En el meta actual, Senna es increíblemente popular. Se ha jugado en el 11,4% de las partidas clasificatorias recientes. A menudo se la prohíbe durante la selección de campeones. Obviamente, muchos jugadores la ven como una gran amenaza. En las últimas rondas de clasificación, Senna fue baneada el 8,1% de las veces.
Como resultado de la K/D/A y la utilidad de Senna, tiene un índice de victorias general bastante medio. Lo hace muy bien en el juego tardío, con un porcentaje de victorias de NaN% en esa fase. La diferencia entre sus mejores y peores fases de juego es de un gran porcentaje nulo. Esta gran diferencia indica que su poder aumenta y disminuye en diferentes partes de la partida. Prepárate para ello.

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LoL: These statistics of Faker remind us why he is one of the best playersThe portal GOSU AI has shared an infographic about Faker's professional career in which they review his statistics and show that he is one of the best players in the history of the MOBA.
The history of Esports in League of Legends has given us dozens of brilliant players and, undoubtedly, fans will agree that one of the greatest exponents at the professional level in this regard is Lee Sang-Hyeok, better known as Faker. This Korean has carved out an impressive career full of successes that, of course, are more than corroborated thanks to the infographic created by the portal GOSU AI, which we share with you in this news.
Among the most striking statistics of this center back we can quickly observe that he has a winning rate of 67% and a KDA of 4.41. Faker accumulates 3,540 kills and 5,055 assists. In addition, he has never placed lower than third or fourth in an international tournament. As for defeats, he accumulates a total of 310, although if we go to Worlds he only has 23 in total, of which only one is from a grand final (the one he lost against Samsung Galaxy).

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League of Legends is one of the most popular online games in the world. The most recent data released by Riot Games shows that LoL has more than 80 million active monthly players. In addition, nearly 30 million of those log in every day. In fact, League is so popular that more than 200 million people watched the 2018 LoL World Championship live - that's twice the viewership of the U.S. Super Bowl! The sheer number of games played every day provides a wealth of data that can help players improve and surpass the game's current meta.
In fact, the amount of data collected in eSports is so massive that advanced algorithms are needed to interpret the information. For example, with 142 champions in League of Legends, there are over quadrillions of 84 champion combinations for each game! Therefore, large data sets and machine learning methods are required to build predictive algorithms.

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