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To find out when the next League of Legends patch will be released, just check the official calendar already revealed by Riot Games, which warns us in advance of all the versions that will arrive in the current Season 11 of 2021. It began last January 6 with the arrival of version 11.1 and will foreseeably last until November 17, when patch 11.23 arrives (the qualifiers will end a day earlier). We will also have, of course, two extra updates until December that will take us by the hand during the next preseason until Season 12 finally begins.
Riot Games is betting on up to three theme lines that will hand out skins for six different champions in the upcoming League of Legends patch 11.8. Dragonkillers for Twitch, Galio and Kayle; Dark Frost for Sion and Vel'Koz and the promised Space Wave for Gwen.
Haha they criticize the champions before they come out . Riot I won't let you down, me and my duo and my friends are going to leave them with their mouths open. As we have been doing with the new champions. As soon as penta comes out we will take it out. It happened with viego , it happened with Serafina (mid) . The point is to know how to use and wait for the moment and know how to throw and have a good team.

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Summer is a time of relaxation for many, but in League of Legends esports there is no time without action. Likewise, there's a chance for a sleeping giant to finally make an appearance. Just as it happened with DWG KIA in 2020, enshrining itself as the best in the world within a couple of months.
That being the case, to warm up the hype ahead of a Worlds that has more at stake thanks to Royal Never Give Up's win in Iceland, let's dig in. When do the Summer splits start in all competitive LoL regions? It's worth mentioning that all the data we present was compiled by Leaguepedia.

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As far as the LCK is concerned, SK Telecom T1 has once again reigned supreme. The three-time world champion team won the trophies of both splits of the competition, although in both international tournaments they lost to G2 Esports in the best of five.
Such was the impact of this competition that ElmiilloR himself has already announced on his Twitch channel that there will be a much larger second edition, although he has not yet wanted to give details about the date, requirements or possible participants.
For the tenth season, Riot Games has decided to introduce one of the biggest changes to the game for a long time. This update has a name of its own, 'the elements rise', in which the Summoner's Rift itself comes to life.

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League of Legends: The return of URF is imminent, there is already a date for its returnThe Ultra Rapid Fire game mode of LoL, one of the most beloved by the community, already has a return date. It will be available on September 22 with patch 11.19.
Chaos is already very close to returning to Summoner's Rift. Riot Games has chosen September 22, 2021 as the date for the return of the popular URF mode. This date, as some may already know, coincides with the release of patch 11.19, and it is that this update in addition to new adjustments in the meta for Worlds 2021 and the inclusion of the new Vex character, will also bring to the forefront the URF mode so that fans can play it once again. Right now, in fact, URF is already available on the PBE.
In case you're a bit lost, URF is one of the most popular modes in League of Legends, we could even say that many love it above others like One For All or Dominion. Some players have been wishing for URF to become a permanent mode for a long time.

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