League of legends season 6 stats

League of legends season 6 stats

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Game updatesGame updatesGame updatesAuthorRiot AetherWhere do you go when you want to see the game history of a recent game? Most likely the answer is the client or a page created by the community. Few people use our official game history site, and there is nothing wrong with that.
Web-based game history is in a similar situation to clubs: community-created sites have done amazing things with the game data provided by our APIs and have far outperformed our site. So, as with clubs, we'll leave these things to the experts. The LoL game history web version site will be permanently down as of September 7 at 12:00 (MX/CO) / 13:00 (BO/CL/PY) / 14:00 (AR/UY).

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MinimumsCPU: 2 GHzRAM: 1 GB, 2 on Windows Vista or higherSO: Windows XP or higher, OSXT Graphics card: DirectX 9.0 compatible (ATI 4600 series or Nvidia 7000 series or higher)Disk space: 4 GB (increases with upgrades)
Recommended CPU: 3 GHzRAM: 2 GB, 4 on Windows Vista or higherSO: Windows XP or higherGraphics card: GeForce 8800 or equivalent (dedicated GPU with +512 MB of VRAM)Disk space: 5 GB (increases with upgrades)
League of Legends (also known by its acronym LoL) is a video game of the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) and eSports genre which was developed by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and OS X and for digital consoles. Initially the servers were hosted by the company GOA and was sold to the Chinese company Tencent Holdings Limited.
In October 2012, it had 70 million registered players.[2] By March 2013, 5 million players were registered connected at the same time worldwide.[3] It is a highly competitive game being one of the most popular games in electronic sports (e-sports).[4] It is one of the most popular e-sports games in the world.

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Today I'd like to walk you through my thoughts regarding the performances of the various players in Worlds who made appearances in the quarterfinals and beyond. Before I get too deep into this, keep in mind that the meta evolved somewhat between some of these series; for example, Aatrox and Urgot were selected/banned in response to each other for most of the group stages entering this stage of the series. tournament, and Viktor made a sudden appearance in the second half of our quarterfinal matches. I'll support my thoughts with some statistical analysis, though I welcome discussion and your own thoughts, especially regarding the setups I didn't mention!
With an absolutely phenomenal 15-minute minion kill advantage of 43 versus Fnatic in Game 2 of the Finals, it should surprise no one to see China's new toplane king (and World Champion!) sitting comfortably at the top this list. While his CS differential for the tournament (+6.4 on average) is inflated by a dominant Game 2 Finals performance, TheShy found himself in the minion game within 15 minutes in over 60% of his games.

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Game updatesWeb version of game history deactivationThe web version of League of Legends game history will be deactivated on September 7.Game updatesAuthor/aRiotAetherWhere do you go when you want to check your game history to take a look at a game you played recently? Probably to the game client or the community website. In reality, very few players use our official game history page, and that's okay.

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