League of legends rads error could not connect to the http server windows 10

League of legends rads error could not connect to the http server windows 10

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When upgrading to version 4.16 or updating LoL, a large number of players receive the message "An unspecified error has occurred. See the logs for more information. "Error message. What causes the League Unspecified error? How to fix it? Let's explore these problems with MiniTool.
After analyzing numerous user reports in forums and communities, we have found that the LoL Unspecified error can be solved by removing the lol_air_client folder in the patch. Let's try.
Hurry Win + E keys to open File Explorer, then go to C: Riot Games League of Legends RADS projects lol_air_client location. To find the LoL_air_client folder, here you must replace the path with the actual location of the League of Legends directory.
You may get the message "An unspecified League of Legends error has occurred" if the game cannot connect correctly to its servers. To resolve the problem, you can try switching to a VPN connection. Most VPN services have a wide range of servers that can help you update the game.

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Are you worried about laggy spikes in Apex Legends? How to fix laggy spikes in League of Legends? If you're trying to fix it, you've come to the right place. This MiniTool article explores several effective troubleshooting methods to solve the problem.
Have you encountered the PS4 DNS error? Many users have reported that they are experiencing the PS4 DNS error NW-31253-4. Below are several simple methods to fix the error.
If you have installed the Xbox app on your computer, we recommend that you turn it off temporarily. This is because many gamers have reported that the Xbox app often starts consuming bandwidth, causing League of Legends ping spikes.
Step 3. Click Modify Settings at the top, then check the box next to League of Legends and all relevant components. Then click Correct to save the changes.


I got 2 rankeds and after selecting champions does not let me enter the game, error could not connect to the server. Well they gave me for afk they took away more than 30 pl and more over they put me in low priority queue for a problem of you nefarious.
The same thing has been happening to me for about 4 days, I can't play and I have already been penalized with leaverbuster and low priority queue, besides taking away my pl, what makes me more angry is that it is being something massive and you don't even say to put an alert or close the qualifiers.
I'm in the same now I sent a support ticket I hope they answer it because lately they do not answer anything they do not even place the errors to try to prevent people from playing. -3 pl for 3 more games - 18 for afk all it costs to win a game in this game wea with so many trolls.

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I have several friends playing League of Legends and, seeing the insistence to try it and that I have openSuse, I went for it (thinking it would be as easy or easier than installing World of Warcraft). I downloaded installer, installed, updated... and all for nothing, there was no way to run League of Legends.
The first thing we are going to need is to have python installed and your graphics card drivers updated... you should have them already installed using Yast. I focus on the rest of the installation.
To install LoL correctly, we will use PlayOnLinux, which will help us with some details that we must have installed in wine (Internet Explorer, Adobe Air...) as well as the download of the game itself.
PlayOnLinux is executed (if it protests for dependencies use your software manager to install the missing ones, usually they are the wxWidgets for python). Whenever I open it it protests me for not having icotool and wrestool installed, but it doesn't influence me at all for the game, so I accept the two messages and that's it. If you didn't have updated drivers and openGL, you might also get the warning. It is important that you have everything up to date.

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