League of legends new runes guide

League of legends new runes guide

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Although we have already told you many times about simple League of Legends characters, in this guide you will find one of the most complex characters in the game: Irelia. The Ionia fighter is really complex, and well used is a real beast with a lot of 1v9 ability.
The order of skills is Q -> E -> W. At the beginning of the game you will be quite strong, and if you get your jungler to give you a hand to get a kill you will have a lot of killing potential. If you want to roam, lower the health of enemy minions and use Q to finish them off, jumping from minion to minion quickly.
You must be very attentive to the resets of the Q, as it is the basis of a good Irelia player. In mid-game the objective is VERY simple: you have to try to draw the enemy's attention to one of the side lines to give your team priority for objectives. If you manage to attract two opponents, you will put your team in a situation of numerical advantage.
By the end of the game, your goal will still be to keep the enemy's attention on the side lanes, although you must keep an eye on the map to see if your team needs you in case of a possible group fight. You must ALWAYS be in the sidelane closest to the next neutral objective.

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Index1. How to unlock the rune system?2. How to create rune pages and what you need to know3. Precision runes branch4. Domination runes branch5. Witchcraft runes branch6. Courage Runes Branch7. Branch of runes of InspirationPUBLICITY
First of all, it should be clarified that the League of Legends rune system is not accessible from the start for new players. In order to unlock access to the rune feature, you must first increase your account level to at least level 9.
Once you have access to the rune system, you will be able to create rune pages. These are used to customize the runes that our champion will have equipped in the games. It is important to know several aspects about how they work:
As you can guess, the idea of the rune system is based on combining a main branch with a secondary branch that reinforces and improves the strengths of our champion. Below you can see which are the ideal champions for each type of rune branch, which ones make the best use of them and which ones are recommended to use.

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This preseason League of Legends has debuted a new rune system that replaces the old runes and masteries and is a substantial improvement over the past, making us able to afford to choose one rune page or another based on how it can benefit our playstyle instead of choosing based purely on optimal.
The reforged runes are divided into five paths. Each path has three key choices with an effect that will define much of your play style during the game and from which we can choose one, and then nine other minor runes, in groups of three, from which we will choose one per triplet. Additionally, we can choose two minor runes from another of the five paths. This system is a simplification with respect to the previous one by having fewer options to choose from, but it is compensated by the greater impact of each option we choose.
The primary tree choice is perhaps the most intuitive decision of the entire system as we will generally choose precision for auto-attack based champions, domination for assassins and burst mages, sorcery for control mages, courage for tanks and inspiration for supports and specific champions that benefit from their key runes (Gangplank and Ezreal, for example). The secondary tree choices are two among the other nine runes in the other trees, and outside of the inspiration branch, they don't have as big an impact, but they need to be taken into account. Let's take a look at the 60 new runes.

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