League of legends new champion leak

League of legends new champion leak

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It looks like the next character for 2021 will be too; new League of Legends leaks have given us a glimpse at last of the "shadow mage", who was first talked about in June 2020, although there have been some changes.
At the moment little is known specifically about Vex. However, there is a popular LoL theory that the shadowy mage is Yuumi's missing master. The yordle disappeared using the Book of Thresholds (in which Yuumi flies ) to "teleport to a dangerous place".

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Everything was ready and prepared for Viego, the ruined king and new League of Legends champion, to be the big surprise of the event that Riot Games has prepared for the afternoon of Friday, January 8. With an eye on the next update. But he is so eager to get to us, that he has already been seen by the PBE.
The leak is on account of the user @PixelButts, a regular in advancing us content as soon as a data package is left out in the open for a few brief moments. What allows us to give a good look at Viego in almost all its glory, and to see him for the first time both physically and in motion.
Of course, the leak lacks of anything else for the moment, so we will have to wait to know not only part of its internal lore in League of Legends, but of course to see his champion exhibition and thus know his different skills in full.
A champion that also comes with a huge halo of mystery, because in addition to get us more hype for the launch of Ruined King, a second look with a different appearance seems to hide that Viego is something more than what it appears to be. It is unknown if it is just a simple skin, or if it is something much deeper and has to do with some of his abilities, giving him a more than obvious physical change wearing an imposing armor.

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In a recent tweet, the transmitter revealed that his source told him that players can expect Battle Academia Caitlyn and Blitzcrank masks to be added to the game soon. While this is an important leak in itself, it's his response to the original tweet that got League fans incredibly excited: "Isolde Academia de Batalha ... (speculating)."
Translated into English, Streamiebr only speculates that Riot plans to make a Battle Academia Isolde skin. While the skin idea is just speculation, the fact that he recognized Isolde as a champion has suggested to fans that his source told him she was the new champion to come.
While this potential leak is incredibly exciting for players, many League of Legends fans may have already predicted that Viego's wife will be the next champion. In a developer video in January, Riot gave players a number of clues about the next champion, linked them to the seam and suggested they had a direct connection to Viego.

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Hello CommunityWell as you read in the subject. By an alleged leak from Codigo Esports has spread a list of skins coming for LOL and among them appears Miss Fortune Victorious as well as other skins and the price of them.  Miss Fortune has been one of the most popular characters within the community and has epic moments in the competitive as the game in which she was used as support for ROX vs SKT. what do you think, is it true, which champion do you think deserves Skin victorious? Source:https://codigoesports.com/kim-yone-lol-nuevos-campeones/
This is very subjective on my part, but hopefully they are not real haha...1. I didn't go Gold to have a skin of one of the champions I hate the most in the whole game.2. I don't want Quinn's skin coming out to be a Halloween skin..... I would like it to be part of a major theme once and for all.Posta, what a rage these "leaks"..... I really don't want them to be real. On the one hand good for my pocket, but on the other hand it takes away a lot of my inspiration to play and write about the game.

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