League of legends me va a 1 fps

League of legends me va a 1 fps

league of legends fps drop 2020

However, for various reasons, it can happen that these FPS become a problem. For no apparent reason, you find that your FPS vary greatly, and mainly when there is a lot of animation on the screen. Teamfights, a lot of details appearing on the screen cause a sudden impact on your graphics card.
With the development of very powerful new hardwares in 2021, we can ask ourselves the question why our FPS are dropping so brutally at times. Finding yourself below 50, or even 30 FPS in parts, is unthinkable!
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how to increase fps in league of legends

^ Ami tambien, pero lo mio al parecer es la motherboard, yo juego lol, y mis fps oscilan entre los 140-180 y por 2 o 3 segundos se dan los bajones que dan asco :s Tengo una core i7 8 de ram y grafica es integrada 4600
fidaay!! eredeti hozzászólása:^ Ami also, but mine apparently is the motherboard, I play lol, and my fps range between 140-180 and for 2 or 3 seconds I get the drops that are disgusting :s I have a core i7 8 ram and graphics is integrated 4600 the motherboard? ostia, have you changed it or something to know if it is true that it is that or not? the same thing happens to me, I thought it was temperature but my graphics at maximum does not exceed 60 º C :/
Did you did normal formatting to the SSD? that would lower the performance and you have installed the game on the SSD? another thing that windows use? the 10? did you use the updatE? and the other when you changed the graphics card uninstall the drivers you had and passed the DDU??????.... check the health of the hard disk ....
I have a good pc and I started to lower the fps, the fallout 4 I threw 60 fps in 1080 and all ultra and now I throw 20 fps

league of legends fps capped at 60

well, I've been looking at a couple of things about your new laptop and most likely as I said the processor will be the problem I do not control that type of cpu (I'm more of intel) but in my understanding and with the price q had the laptop has an old processor and other components are probably the same will have windows 8 but if you have a poor processor nothing q do sorry
pd: today to have a decent computer you have to spend 600 euros, and the most IMPORTANT never nunc never never never buy them in media marks, eroskis, todoaciens or the like, because the very sons of his mother sells you things like this with a processor mi*rda (I do not know if yours is eye, but with that price. .. :/). the only thing i can tell you is that the next time you go to buy a pc give importance to the processor very important (especially if it is to play q to work that serves you) today (talking about intel) you have q pillarte MINIMUM an i5 and if you can an i7
conclusion: when buying a computer always look at the processor and imformarnos devidamente of the processors q there are in the market its power and antiquity. to poderser go to a specialized computer store in media markt you will try to encasquetar the shit of turn, and look at the prec

league of legends fps drop 2021

Finding better components than the previous ones is not an extremely complicated task. What's more, there is a starting point that will allow you to play LoL quietly at all times, so here are the requirements to play LoL at 60 FPS.
Although, if what you want is to put together a computer that is capable of running League of Legends and many more games for a good price, then you will love to know how to build your own cheap and powerful PC to play LoL easily.
Some videos will show you certain programs to increase the FPS in LoL, but the reality is that you can improve the frames per second of the game by touching some system settings; as long as these do not harm the computer. To improve them start with the following steps.
To open the task manager quickly press the [Windows] + [R] keys and type "taskmgr" in the window that opened. Then, in the processes window, close the programs that are running in the background, as long as they are programs that you are familiar with and not system programs.

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