League of legends low frame rate

League of legends low frame rate

improve lol performance

If you don't have a good gaming computer to play your favorite video games, such as LoL, but you do have a decent PC and you really want to enjoy a minimum gaming experience, we leave you some tricks so you can have better performance and League of Legends will go at more FPS.
The FPS are the frames per second, that is to say, the images or different frames that a video game shows in one second. The main computer games are usually around 30-60 FPS, this being the ideal measure. Some games, with the right hardware, can even exceed 100 FPS.

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Frames per second (FPS) is the amount of times your machine sends the game images to the screen during the period of one second. To make the game run with better performance, i.e. higher FPS, it is possible to adjust some factors present in the client, on the PC and in LoL itself.
With the client open, click on the gear in the top corner of the screen. Then activate the options "Enable low performance mode" and "Close client during gameplay". In this way, the visual quality of the program is reduced and it will close automatically as soon as you are in game.
Although if the adjustments made to the client and the game have already had the effect you expected, it is important to adjust some settings on the PC so that it offers the best possible performance.
In addition, you can check if your video card is working as well as possible. To do this, go to your settings panel and set the performance standard to the highest available. Also take a look to see if the drivers are up to date.

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Yesterday's unveiling of the monstrous GeForce RTX 3000 with the new Ampere architecture left many highlights. Not only did we have more powerful graphics cards than ever at comparatively better prices than their predecessors: there were also remarkable software proposals to take advantage of that power in different areas.
One of the most striking was NVIDIA Reflex, a set of technologies aimed at fighting the great enemy of gamers: latency. There are many elements that influence latency, and this proposal aims to help detect the culprits of these delays in order to minimize them significantly.
That latency can be more or less perceptible by gamers, and although it is not so relevant in certain types of games, it is absolutely crucial in competitive games and especially in shooters and FPS like 'Fortnite', 'Valorant' 'Apex Legends' or 'Call of Duty: Warzone', for example.
As NVIDIA explains, in games with high graphic load what usually happens is that the CPU creates a "render queue" in which it orders the tasks that the GPU -which thus always has work to do- must perform to display the frames on the monitor.

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The FPS that our computer can generate depends directly on our hardware. Especially the CPU and GPU. The more powerful it is, the more frames per second we will be able to get when playing.
The first of them, and probably one of the most important, is that by limiting the maximum FPS that the graphics card can generate we will save energy. If we have a monitor at 60 Hz, and our graphics card is generating 300 FPS, we are wasting energy and resources, since 240 of those frames are wasted.
In addition, when the graphics card goes faster than the monitor, many times a desynchronization occurs, giving rise to what is known as Screen Tearing. Limiting the FPS in games will not put an end to this problem, but it will help to reduce it considerably.
However, it may be that in some shooting games, such as Counter Strike, the more FPS the better. If, for example, we generate 300 FPS and we are using a 144 Hz monitor, it will seem that the game runs smoother and the shots come sooner. You get less input lag.

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