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Ahri, innately connected to the latent power of Runeterra, is a vastayan who can shape magic into orbs of pure energy. She enjoys manipulating the emotions of her prey before devouring their life essence. Despite her predatory nature, Ahri retains a sense of empathy, as she receives glimpses of the memories of every soul she consumes.[2] She is a true friend of her own.
With a raised eyebrow in the face of danger, Akshan fights evil with dazzling charisma, a righteous desire for vengeance, and a striking lack of shirts. Skilled in the art of stealth combat, he is able to evade his enemies and reappear when they least expect it. With a deep sense of justice and a legendary weapon that defies death, he corrects the injustices committed by Runeterra's ruffians while abiding by his own moral code: "Don't be a jerk."[4]
Legend has it that Amumu is a lonely and melancholy soul from ancient Shurima who wanders the world in search of a friend. An ancient curse condemned him to remain alone for all eternity. His caresses are death, his affection is ruin. Those who claim to have seen him describe him as a short living corpse wrapped in bandages. Amumu has been the inspiration for myths, songs and folklore that have been told over and over again throughout the generations, so much so that it is impossible to separate truth from fiction.[6] The story of Amumu has been the inspiration for myths, songs and folklore that have been told over and over again throughout the generations, so much so that it is impossible to separate truth from fiction.[6

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League of Legends has a real barbarity of items, a system of improvement of champions that depends on the gold we want (and can) invest in our builds, as well as our wisdom when choosing what to buy. However, there are some of them that almost nobody gets, and the reason is that they are really bad or that they barely have abilities that interest us in relation to the money invested in them.
A nice way to see how good an item is (without taking into account the context in the game or the opponents in the other team), is to take a look at its economic efficiency. The calculation takes the basic objects of each statistic and selects them as a reference on that statistic. By dissecting what an object offers in terms of its cost, it is possible to make a judgment about that item. If its efficiency is 100%, it would be in line with what it would cost to invest in its basic components; above would be a big plus and below would be a big minus.

Spiritual appearance

DRAKTHARR'S CREPUSCULAR BLADE ERROR CORRECTION Teemo will now lose the Invisibility provided by Draktharr's Crepuscular Blade correctly after 1.5 seconds in all situations.
Let's see the balance changes! For in-version updates (especially being so close to release), we will focus on clear items, not on everything that was improved or weakened. You can expect more changes in the following weeks as more reliable data becomes available!
BUG FIX We fixed a bug where moving your jungle item in your inventory when consumed to upgrade Punishment allowed you to keep the item and sell it for gold.
BUG FIX The execution of The Collector no longer triggers with the execution of the Ancestral Dragon, which created a loop against invulnerable targets that died after the invulnerability effect ended.
Mythic items are the new highest item level that will become the cornerstone of your armor, with great effects that define a playstyle in every game. You can only have one at a time, so selecting a mythic item (and the effects it grants) depends on your opponents and the state of the game. Their mythic also sets the tone for the rest of their arming, both in terms of what other items they will want to purchase and a mythic passive that adds additional stats to their other full items (now known as legendary items). Mythic items generally have the most complex effects and have a lot of impact on play style. Even with the addition of a new level of items, our goal is not to inflate the power level of them in general. Mythics make your first choice more powerful than in the past, but we are borrowing that strength from the other item levels to keep the armored strength relatively similar overall.

Petrean armor

This Xayah tattoo features a muted grayscale color scheme with pops of hot pink, Xayah's signature color and a touch of gold in her eyes. The shading work is incredible, offering detail and realism to Xayah's features while retaining her cheerful look. The line gives this tattoo a sense of movement, as if Xayah is in the middle of a battle.
This great tattoo of Jhin by Gustavo Takazone captures the darkness and deep nature of the character. As a champion marksman, Jhin uses his weapon to terrorize enemies on the battlefield. His face is a mask that conceals his identity. According to the League of Legends website, Jhin believes that "murder is art."
This tattoo features intense shading and takes a wonderfully geometric approach to Jhin and his iconic mask. The mask and villainous demeanor give him a godlike appearance not unlike Nasus, one of the most powerful tanks in the game.

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