League of legends cinematic: a new dawn

League of legends cinematic: a new dawn

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Many of you have already seen it but we could not fail to share with you the new League of Legends cinematic 'A New Dawn'. In addition to this highlight, we bring you the video showing the development process of it, plus all the concept art and wallpapers that you can download from this post. On the other hand we have quite a few tentative changes and the new game history already implemented in the PBE. Here we go!
This is a 6+ minute video that you may have experienced exactly once. Two teams in the Summoner's Rift with their 5 members, giving us merciless action and of course, SANGRE! We won't tell you who the champions are so you'll be caught off guard in the video.
Check out the gallery we've compiled, where you can grab some of the best images from the video to decorate your wallpaper, plus a few sheets of concept art - it's all yours!
As Riot Lyte has let it slip, players who show great toxicity with racist or nasty comments or help the opposing team 'feedeando' in a very obvious way will be banned 14 days immediately or permanently if the severity is high. It will certainly force everyone to calm down if they don't want to be out of the game for a while. Those affected will have recourse to the conversation logs that led to the ban.

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A New Dawn is the English name of the trailer, in which we are part of a bloody and hard battle that takes place in a lush forest, between characters who fight fiercely. Apparently, after DOTA, LoL's direct competition, is on everyone's lips, this is Riot Games' way of "fighting back".
But that's not all, as they have also shown the making of the video, in which they explain how they have given life to these champions to show another point of view to a battle, more dynamic and frenetic.  Without further ado, we leave you with the two videos, so enjoy this authentic short film!

1:21:51league of legends full movie (4k-60fps) lol all cinematics ...gamecinyoutube - 17 oct 2020

The Snyder Cut is finally here, and in a four-hour span, the HBO Max featurette drops more than a few bombshells about filmmaker Zack Snyder's plans for the DCEU. Chief among them: the Knightmare sequel that made the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice war, depicting a future world or alternate timeline in which monsters roam free from Earth, with Batman wearing a really cool trench coat.
The Snyder Cut ends rather quietly, until it doesn't. After defeating the bad guys and celebrating in their own individual way, all hell breaks loose again for the League about 3 hours and 45 minutes into the film, with about 15 minutes to play.
The most notable part of the Knightmare scene is Batman and Joker's conversation. It's a great memory to be in the former with Ben Affleck and Jared Leto's versions of the characters sharing extended, intimate and bold dialogue with each other.

6:28league of legends - cinematic trailer: a new dawnignyoutube - 22 jul 2014

Most of the content will logically be in LoL. A new narrative experience will follow on the client, like the one that took place at the Spiritual Flower event last summer. Chapters will be unlocked each week to prepare for the fight against Viego.
From July 14 to August 10, LoR also carries the colors of the Sentinels of Light. A mini-expansion brings Viego, Akshan and 21 additional cards. As the event passes Declare Your Loyalty will bring cosmetic and thematic rewards.
On the TFT side, it is obviously Dawn of Heroes that is in the spotlight. The 5.5 set updates the Judgment set, with around 20 champion level changes. Akshan will also be there.

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