League of legends attack only champions

League of legends attack only champions

Only key to attack champions lol

Good afternoon, I have a double doubt ( I know there is a key to Kite (if I'm not mistaken, by default is the A), but I heard from a Streamer that can be combined with an option to attack only Champions ignoring Towers and Minions only with that key (type 2x1 (?)Is it possible?
@Charming Minuet yes, as the one above says, you have to keep it pressed to attack only champions. I use it a lot with Reneton and Trundle.ergonomically the | key (on the left side of the 1) which is the default is extremely unnatural for me, if you use the Q-W-E-R keys for skills, so I changed its place to the Space Bar, it's much more comfortable and faster really, since the thumb usually rests on that key or rubbing it. Likewise, I highly recommend customizing the keyboard a bit in the game for these things, or level up skills with a specific key (I use F1, F2, F3 and F4 to level up Q,W,E,R respectively) and the ones to position the camera on allied champions I leave for F5 to F6.  There is another key to use skills like lulu's shield/zilean's speed automatically on yourself without having to pass the course over you to do it, but I don't remember what it was.

How to hit only champions in lol

Hello, I know there is an option that without the need to constantly press a button you can enable and disable the attack only to champions. I have searched everywhere but without success. Help would be appreciated thank you .
Hi, you have to go to the hotkey option, then where it says target only champions, it is almost at the end, you change the key to the one you want, then in the game options, you can activate the checkbox to use it by keeping the button pressed, or pressing it once to activate it and then pressing it again to deactivate it.

How to activate attacking champions lol

Basic attacks cannot be dodged under normal circumstances. That is, once a basic attack has been launched from the attacker, it will not miss the target and will follow him despite his subsequent position changes. Certain abilities cause basic attacks to miss, either because they are dodged, blocked, denied, missed (Blindness) or deflected.
When using move attack, the champion will stand still to attack any hostile that comes between him and his target. If the champion has a target within range, he will continuously attack it with basic attacks. If that target moves out of the champion's range, the champion will pursue it until a new target is specified, or a cancel command is executed (by pressing the letter S or specifying another move command), or he loses sight of the target.

How to kite in lol

Good! I'm an attempt to main adc, I started playing this line a few weeks ago and I activated the option "player attack movement click" with the A key, which made it much easier for me to kite, so much so that I got used to give all the auto attacks either to farm in line, throw towers or farm jungle camps I give them with the A key and not with the right click.  After having played enough games as an ADC I realize that a problem I have very often is the fact of missclicking auto attacks, if there are minions nearby, dives under towers, etc.  So when I realized my missclick problem, I found the option "Only attack champions" and configured the key to my comfortHere comes the problem, this option of only attack champions works only with the right click, that is to say that if I keep the key for only attack champions, and try to kite with the A, even so the game detects the minions or towers. On the other hand, if I keep the key for only attack champions and try to hit a minion with the right click, it works and does not detect it. But this doesn't help me at all since I can't kite using A because it would still make missclicks, and if I use the right click then I can't kite directly. Is there any option that I am missing? I would need your help in advance Thanks for reading and taking the time :,)

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