If league of legends characters were cats

If league of legends characters were cats

If league of legends characters were cats en línea

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DevLoL gameplay clarityHit zones, color palettes, silhouettes, kitties, skins and much more.DevAutorbananaband1tHello everyone. Today we want to talk about gameplay clarity in LoL. It's one of those things that we talk about all the time behind the scenes, but only jump out when something goes wrong, like when the hit zone and effect don't match or when an aspect is hard to understand. In a perfect world, this would never happen. But with over 150 champions and 1000 skins, not counting items, runes and neutral targets, we are bound to get it wrong from time to time.
For us, clarity is the ability to understand what is going on in LoL and take action on it. Since LoL is a highly competitive game, it's clear that this is very important.
Silhouettes also include animations, but ideally this should not be the main mark of differentiation but something additional. For example, Ivern is perfectly identifiable by his lanky figure, but his awkward gait also helps to recognize him.

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The doctor teeters on the slippery bridge. He reaches out toward the ragged railing when the connection from his foot to the wiring in his ankle breaks. For a moment, he feels disoriented. His view shifts from the wet slabs of the overpass to the infinite assemblage of metal, glass and perpetual light that make up the Central Superior.
And too big, his mind responds bitterly. The modification is a demeaning, second-hand thank you from a wealthy patient in the upper section, too scared to make a traceable payment to his clandestine doctor.
Water drips through strands of the doctor's thinning hair and into his micron glasses, blurring the lights on the other side of the bridge. The morning announcements had made no mention of moisture condensation. Of course, on the other hand, the doctor hadn't prepared for the surprise that suddenly hit him. He pats the bioinert plastic sleeve in his breast pocket. Military grade. Good enough for the retirement he had promised himself twenty revolutions ago.

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About Yuumi being playable by anyone, there is an undeniable demonstration that a player climbed to the highest levels of League of Legends playing ADC in the conventional way and Yuumi as a foot support. It is possible to argue in many ways, using winrate stats by divisions and so on, but this doesn't have too much discussion.
Yuumi needs different skills than other champions. We can learn other new champions faster because he uses a mix of skills from other existing characters; in Yuumi's case we had to learn everything from scratch. And this is so because it is complex to choose a champion where to get on, when to get off and have to give vision being the weakest and weakest character in the game. That said, the fact that they are different and require more time does not mean that they are not easier or less demanding mechanically.
"We agree that it wasn't fair to play against Yuumi," Riot Games says. But the game's balance team believes that this does not imply that the talking cat should be erased and that it simply means that they have to improve when it comes to giving more opportunities for Yuumi to come out from inside a champion and there is a greater sense of vulnerability.

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