How much money i spend on league of legends

How much money i spend on league of legends

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Go to guide indexDespite being a free to download game, League of Legends is still a free to play game with a lot of micropayments that are carried out by acquiring Riot Points. Through these purchases, players can acquire new content for their account, whether champions, skins, EXP upgrades or much more.
To find out how much money you have spent in total with your League of Legends account you can visit an official website of Riot Games in which it is possible to know this data. To do so, just follow these steps:

How much money i spent on lol garena

Riot Games knows that the question mark may be present in some people's daily lives. At the end of the day, curiosity killed the cat and also the desire to keep getting RP for more League of Legends cosmetics. So, he created a site where we can check how much money we have thrown on the screen for a champion skin.
The accounts are not limited to a specific time, it is historical. So, although it is not broken down by monthly expenses, it gives us a guideline to know since when we spent money in League of Legends.
Since its launch in 2009, Shaco has never been in such good form. The champion is starring in the curious story of the season in League of Legends with a success that could soon come to an end.

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Although there have been ways to find out the figure in the past, this is the first time an official tool has come out to end the curiosity of millions of players, especially those who have been enjoying the MOBA since its inception in 2009.
In fact, several players on Reddit have started sharing and comparing their figures. Some of them make you want to cry thinking about what they could have spent it on instead of buying skins and so on.
Remember that all these expenses are linked to your account, which Riot Games could delete at any time if you go too far with your comments or if you lend it around. Take care of it!

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NoticesRecharge RP using your cell phone in ColombiaIf you live in Colombia and have a cell phone with Claro service, now you have a new practical and accessible way to recharge RP! From today you will be able to use your prepaid balance or charge the value of the recharge directly to your postpaid service to your cell phone bill. Find out the details.NoticesAutorRiot CarmelitoIn short: A new payment method is now available in Colombia! If you have a Colombian cell phone with Claro service, you can now use it to recharge PR from your mobile device.
If you don't have access to these other options, or if you simply prefer more convenience and have contracted cell phone service with Claro, you will now be able to recharge RP using your cell phone. After confirmation, the transaction will be made directly with the balance of your cell phone if you have prepaid, or you will see it reflected in your monthly bill if you are a rate plan user and your RP will be credited to your account immediately.

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