Guias y builds league of legends

Guias y builds league of legends

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Although we have already told you many times about simple League of Legends characters, in this guide you will find one of the most complex characters in the game: Irelia. The Ionia fighter is really complex, and well used is a real beast with a lot of 1v9 ability.
The order of skills is Q -> E -> W. At the beginning of the game you will be quite strong, and if you get your jungler to give you a hand to get a kill you will have a lot of killing potential. If you want to roam, lower the health of enemy minions and use Q to finish them off, jumping from minion to minion quickly.
You must be very attentive to the resets of the Q, as it is the basis of a good Irelia player. In mid-game the objective is VERY simple: you have to try to draw the enemy's attention to one of the side lines to give your team priority for objectives. If you manage to attract two opponents, you will put your team in a situation of numerical advantage.
By the end of the game, your goal will still be to keep the enemy's attention on the side lanes, although you must keep an eye on the map to see if your team needs you in case of a possible group fight. You must ALWAYS be in the sidelane closest to the next neutral objective.

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Few characters are as easy to understand in League of Legends as Nami, and in this guide you will not only learn how she works, but also how to make her work WELL. She is a support that has a pretty good skill kit, with a little bit of everything.
In the Witchcraft branch, the Aery will be great to give extra shields to allies or to scratch enemies a little more. Mana Band is basic to not run out of mana online too soon, with Transcendence you can use your skills more often and Pyro Laser to bother the enemies a little more online.
The object to start is to poke, and your goal in the early stages of the game will be to hit autoattacks and skills to enemies to gradually get gold. In addition, with the two health potions you will be recovering before the exchanges.

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An old League of Legends custom is back: the Worlds 2021 betting pool is available to all players with a Riot Games account to predict all the results of the next world championship.
After eight weeks of competition, only six of the ten teams that started the summer season remain in the top European League of Legends competition. It's time for the playoffs, and we tell you all about it.
League of Legends welcomes the Aquelarre event, an interesting alternative that will allow us to get free rewards, complete missions and that comes on the occasion of the new additions to this line of skins.
League of Legends players will soon be able to get a new look completely free of charge. However, Riot Games has not made it so easy to get hold of Thresh Unleashed and a very simple mistake could leave us without her.
League of Legends has a new game mode and it's time to adapt to the new rules. We tell you which are the best champions you can use and the ultimate you should pay attention to so that Ultimate Spellbook does not catch you without your Tier List.

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Yeah yeah, great story but how does that transcendent power project into the game? Well Zoe's abilities have features never seen before in League of Legends, SkillShoots redirection, summoner spell stealing and actives, chloroform, the most normal is her R which is similar to Kassadin's but not quite, oh and her passive, but ok, enough with the chatter, let's get to the point:
Have you ever heard of a champion using Flash 3 times in a row? They were probably talking about Zoe, when enemy champions use a summoner spell or use the active of an item, that spell or active is stored in a bubble that Zoe can pick up and use with her W, I know, it sounds crazy but that's what makes her such an interesting and fun champion.
Without pausing, Zoe created a time bubble, which spun only half the rotation of the planet, before launching it towards the tree. The anomaly bounced off before bursting against the tree trunk.

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