Error linking twitch prime league of legends

Error linking twitch prime league of legends

Twitch has just announced that they will start giving away video games on a monthly basis to all Twitch Prime subscribers starting March 15, 2018, thanks to a new program called Free Games with Prime. They will start by giving away five games, including Superhot and Oxenfree.
To start claiming free content offers with Prime you can click on the crown-shaped icon that notifies you of what's available. There you will see the free games for each month for you to claim.
Depending on the platform to claim the game you may have to connect your Twitch account again. For example, if the game is on Steam, you will need to connect your Steam and Twitch accounts to claim the games on that platform.

Amazon prime

The launch of the Valorant beta proposes a new momentum in the Twitch environment for all Riot Games content creators, more so now that many will have to associate their accounts to get the drops, so we explain the best way to do it. Here is the list of the 18 Spanish streamers with drops available for the beta.
The announcement of Valorant's beta is a big ball in time of quarantine to exploit the new shooter from Riot Games to the fullest and precisely for this reason, content creators are given the value to boost the game through drops with the idea of promoting as much as possible the title in its first hours.
Here come two totally different aspects, linking your Twitch account to Riot Games on the one hand and the extra linking with Twitch.TV, which has an extra bonus in the rewards with or without Twitch Prime. Back in the day linking with the TV version gave more chances to get Runeterra drops, so logic says it will be the same with Valorant.

Twitch prime rewards

The alliance between Riot Games and Amazon has been giving us gifts for many months if we link our League of Legends and Prime Gaming accounts. This time it's a new batch of MOBA rewards, starting with some K/DA icons that will delight fans of the League of Legends virtual group.
We tell you what you have to do to unlock this free content and what are the requirements to activate it within your League of Legends account. Remember that Prime Gaming is the name that Twitch Prime now has, so don't get confused.
This is a free offer, only if you are a Prime Gaming subscriber. If you watch a lot of live streams on Twitch, you must have already heard about it from your favorite content creators, as with this service you get a free monthly subscription for the content creator of your choice.

How to sub with twitch prime

Now, to enjoy all the advantages of Twitch and be able to make the most of it without restrictions, you may be interested to know that there is the possibility of subscribing to Twitch Prime, a premium account that will completely change your streaming experience.
As it could not be otherwise, we should begin by explaining what Twitch Prime is. Well, it is a premium subscription system with exclusive benefits that is part of the Amazon Prime program.  This means that anyone who has an Amazon Prime account can also have access to Twitch Prime by linking both services.
Being a member of Twitch Prime will allow us to make use of the free monthly subscription to an Affiliate/Partner channel. By doing so, we will be supporting the work that streamers do -they will generate revenue- and, in turn, they will return the favor with exclusive rewards, such as personalized emoticons, subscriber and loyalty badges or any other perks they deem fit.

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