Error al conectar league of legends

Error al conectar league of legends

european server lol

Wild RiftRiot Games offers a temporary solution for connection problems in Wild RiftThe developer already found the problem that causes this error, and they will fix it permanently "soon".By Iván Castillo02-06-2021 - 21:17hs UTC GamerRiot Games offers a temporary solution for connection problems in Wild RiftFor about three days now, many players of League of Legends: Wild Rift are not being able to enter the mobile game. Riot Games has been investigating the problem since then, but only today provided a temporary solution.
Along with this instruction, the developer made it clear that the root cause of the bug has been found, and they are working on fixing it permanently. A fix for this will be released "soon".

garena lol server status

League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena video game for Windows and OS X. League of Legends is developed by Riot Games. Is it down? Do you have problems, bugs or errors? Check the status or Report problems here.
@Juanpi_rgz @riotgames @LoRLATAM @MobalyticsHQ Senna Veigar I tried it for a while, but I felt it was too slow for what I want to get to Masters before Wednesday hehe so I just put my heart into full aggro.
Last night I got out of a game and the riot games client @riotgames is loading and this message appears but if I have internet and the riot games support on the internet does not work. It doesn't load the page. @lollatam @RiotSupport ??
@RiotSupport the problem is not the chat all the problem is that nobody takes the game seriously from bronze to grandmaster nobody cares if they lose or win ,now they just play to play
Why the fuck if it doesn't let me play and doesn't load the game I get banned for 3 hours? @wildrift @riotgames @RicardoKails do something because now 3 hours without playing seems shitty to me

https support riotgames com hc en 419

League of Legends: Frequent problems, bugs, crashes and solutionsThese are the most frequent League of Legends problems and a few quick solutions to them. If you have ping or connection problems, don't worry, we'll try to help you.
Go to guide indexLike any online game, League of Legends can present some problems. These are the three most frequent problems when playing LoL and some quick solutions to them.
If you can't connect to LoL we recommend that, first of all, you check the server status. If the server is working properly, the problem is obviously yours. We recommend you to visit the following links to check it:ADVERTISING

riot games server status

League of Legends Inability to connect to the server error is one that both old and new players know all too well. Given how the MOBA is played online, it's not exactly surprising that servers have their occasional hiccups.
The Unable to connect to League of Legends server error can appear at various times during a session. These include when logging into the game, queuing for a match, and even during ongoing matches. All are equally frustrating, so here are a few things you could try to do.
First, you should always have your own internet connection. It sounds obvious, but it's easy to get lost in an intense match before you realize the Internet is down. Hopefully, a quick reconnection is enough to fix it.
If that's not the case, check the status of the game server. The problem (and others like it) tends to occur most often when the game servers are having difficulty coping with things or undergoing maintenance. In cases like these, all that's left to do is wait for the developer to turn them back on.

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