Descargue league of legends y no me abre

Descargue league of legends y no me abre

Why lol stays on the loading screen

I try to open lol and it doesn't even load the Riot logo, it just doesn't load anything, are there technical problems so big that it won't even open the client? I have already reinstalled everything, and it still doesn't open, it seems to be a Riot problem.
Hello, today I have tried to enter Lol as usual and then I served me and the update was installed and everything but I closed it for a moment with the option to log out and literally after closing it I wanted to re-enter and would not let me open it, it would bite and I got only the logo of riot games, uninstall and install, turn off the computer and reboot and nothing, even turn off the antivirus and still the same, does anyone know what I can do?
With this "Solution" you delete a folder of 300 MB and the horrible client of the game puts you to download 8 GB, I would say that I am disappointed but in itself 24 hours ago that I made my ticket to support and I have not responded.
It's still the same, I want to enter the game and it doesn't open the game, it goes back to the lobby, I put reconnect and so it's a loop, then I get penalized for leaving the games when it's the game's fault. It sucks. Uninstalled.

I got an unexpected error when logging in lol

Hi, I downloaded the installer and when I open install all fine, then I appear to install, I give install, select applications, and begins to load, after a couple of seconds, tells me "an unexpected error occurred while trying to access a file necessary for the update, contact our support team".if you can help me, thank you.It is a mac os sierra 10.12.6
I need help for weeks I have this problem and I tried to reset the computer and even deleting internal folders and nothing, always comes out the same as repairing files and closes the application without installing anything, I advise me to do?
I share your situation, ami happened to me that I did not open the game and tried uninstalling it ... the worst mistake because now does not let me install it, I open the installer loads in a few seconds and then I get the error. I hope it is a problem of rite and that they solve it soon so we can install it and be able to play once again. Greetings lolera people.

Download league of legends

Good, I had the same error and I had to go to the folder Riot games --> Riot client; and delete this last folder. After that, the client downloads again and repairs itself (it's about 600mb).  I hope I helped you, best regards!
Hello! I think this is an error that happens to all of us lately. You have to close the "Riot" process from the task manager and then reopen the launcher, repeat that until it opens. sometimes it takes me like 20 attempts xd
Did you try disabling the antivirus? Sometimes it gives that problem, if not just try to open the task manager, and close the process that says League of Legends and RiotClientServices, then try to open lol again.


HelloI am having problems with LOL, when I start it does not open the launcher, I saw that in the task manager appears for a few seconds the riotclient processes but then goes.the launcher never see it, only in runeterra or valorant but not when I start lol.have any idea what may be happening? greetings.
I have the same error I open the riot games launcher and the game starts to crash and that is happening to me recently because I played it at 70 fps and suddenly one day it stopped working until today, and when I open the riot games launcher it sends me an ad saying the riot client stopped working and when you give more details says InPageError
problems logging in to lol, before it was super normal, now it doesn't log in at all and if it does hours to log in(asks for something vpn, or system error). I uninstall(delete everything) and reinstall but the same thing, I want the COMPLAINTS SHEET.
In mac happens for 2 things:Lag by bad internet (or the router hangs and does not register the DNS which also gives chat failures if you're inside)And if you update the system stops running lol permanently until you return to the previous version of the system or switch to windows. In other words, it is almost impossible to get it running again.

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