Alt tab league of legends black screen

Black screen lol 2020

I update, I enter the client and after a while I enter a normal one, everything goes well. We finished choosing the champs and when I go to enter the game comes out in black ... I go and restart the shell this as it does not let me out of there, I open again and I do the same. Then logged in because apparently it was closed and when he entered again does not enter or the client if not that throws me this again.opened a second account that I have and I opened perfectly, good internet, I go to start another game and then all normal in the selection of champions and when we go to the loading screen I get the black screen and only sees the mouse.someone help me?
If you are using mac OS (catalina etc) and something like this happens by chance I found the solution, after going black press command alt esc, you will get reconnect, click reconnect but just before getting the black screen again in the dock click on the client window and the game will open in window mode, then there configure the video you need to play again!!!!

Alt-tab does not work in games

Hi, you made several mistakes.1- Using the hextech self-destruct tool.2- Having too many programs open on a PC that clearly can't handle them.3- The FPS LAG doesn't exist (actually you can do slow motion or fast motion depending on how high and low it goes but it's not called FPS lag. FPS LAG does not exist (in fact you can do slow motion or fast motion depending on how they go up and down but it is not called FPS lag, since it is purely due to a failure of the router NETWORK that causes the realentizacion of the entire PC)Solution to 99% of the errors of LOL and PCs: As you already used the self-destruct tool you have several alternatives, if it is a PC, be lucky to have a restore point prior to downloading the self-destruct tool, if it is a notebook and you do not have it either, use the factory restore of the brand. If you had factory windows 7 and you switched to windows 10, unfortunately you can not do that either, you will have to format and reinstall the windows, that should fix all the failures caused by the hextech self-destruct tool. In case you have cracked windows 10, switching to Windows 7 is the best alternative and reinstall the LOL, the antivirus and the directx, finally the certified video driver, and everything is solved. If your PC is old, check the DX9 options in the game in the 2 menus and that's it, it will work perfectly.

Black screen when alt tabbing

For example, let's say you have a worse case "you enter the game and it puts you directly out of range"... Then you go and do ALT+ENTER to put it in windowed mode, after it finishes loading (so you hear the sound that the game started, while you have it minimized with ALT+TAB) Once the game has started and out of range you put it in windowed mode with alt+enter, after that you do esc, to see the menu, go to video and select the native resolution for example *1280x720 or for example *1024x768, the native resolution never fails and is marked with the "*" asterisk, so it will always work well, when you choose it you only have to check "full screen" accept, if it does not work and put it out of range, go to another resolution until it works. Solved.
To me the opposite happens to me, I enter to the game, I play in window mode without borders because of OBS and the window itself... when I do ALT+TAB, the monitor turns black and makes some flashes like loading something... the monitor is 1920x1080 and the resolution of the monitor and the lol are in the same... do you know what it can be?

Black screen when minimizing games

I have the same problem when I start the game I always get the black screen of the game and it stays like that for a while, after several minutes the loading screen appears and from there it is normal, but I enter very late to the game and I can get low priority queue so I do not play since a week ago.
It happens to me that after a game the client screen is black and nothing else happens, it was solved just recently but it only lasted 2 days working fine, I realized that what causes the problem is closing the client during the game because that causes the process "LeagueClientClUXRender.exe" is bugged and remains running permanently until I close it with the administrator. Even riot support could not give me a solution after 1 month of daily tests with different alternatives. if you have this problem I invite you to check if you also run this process even if you have the option to close the client during the game, to see if riot gives attention to these cases and solve it.

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