Farming clash of clans ayuntamiento 9

Farming clash of clans ayuntamiento 9

town hall level 10

(edited by Klausgarrixxx)0A pity that the video is no longer available. Similarly, for anyone who enters this topic, an army that is good to start leveling defenses and thus improve elixir troops, is the BARCH (barbarians and archers), with them you are more likely to leave abandoned villages.
Of course, the disadvantage of this is that you do not collect much dark elixir, but once you level defenses, improve troops like giants, and so on... well, you can make more powerful army (Giants, wallbreakers, mages and so on), to raise cups and league and take advantage of daily rewards as well as league bonuses 😀

clash of clans town hall 9 2021

Clash of Clans is an excellent game, but what do you do when upgrades start to cost more? Waiting for the necessary resources can take days if you are in the more advanced levels of the game. This is where farming becomes important. Farming is the practice of deliberately lowering your level so that you can attack weaker players and steal the resources you need. Read step 1 below to learn how to farm effectively and get the necessary upgrades.

th9 farming village 2021

When we go up to level 9 in Clash of Clans the recommended order for constructing and upgrading buildings changes drastically. While previous upgrades were mainly focused on improving our offensive capabilities and leaving defensive ones second, at this town hall level this changes.
There are two main reasons behind the change in our priorities. First, many upgrades and new structures available at level 9 are very expensive. Most of the time it will be better to look at the amount of available resources you have and upgrade what you can in order to keep our builders busy.
The second reason is due to the fact that at Town Hall level 9, you will be attacked by much stronger players than at level 8. Levels 9 and 10 will attack you regularly because the maximum resource quota they can steal from you is reached at 3 million in your Storages, so we will need a great defensive capability to be able to repel the attacks and minimize the loss of loot.

city hall level 9 perfect defense 2020

Since you are probably as hooked on Clash of Clans as I am, I will be brief. Basically it boils down to "NEVER buy gems!" and "Upload everything before uploading the town hall". Well, one of the two is a lie.
Clash of Clans is a strategy game where defenses and attacks work equally. We create troops to attack other players and get resources but when we stop playing, or after spending six hours playing, the game stops, we abandon our village and then our enemies can attack it.
If the defense is going great you will not lose resources, you will destroy the enemy troops and on top of that you will win cups, but just as the crisis is not over and the green shoots were smoked by someone, in Clash of Clans when they attack you they usually put you looking for Cuenca, so they will steal resources. All of them? No, they will steal a percentage with a maximum limit that depends on your town hall level.
But the problem is that when you attack a town hall one level lower, a 10% penalty is applied, but the problem is that when you attack a town hall two levels lower the penalty is 50%, at three levels the penalty is 75% and at four or more levels 95%, so it is not economically viable to make the attack.

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