Clash of clans town hall 7

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This town hall offers many more things than the previous one, the tesla tower, the barbarian king, the air controller and other buildings are added to the game as well. It is also useful to comment that a new camp appears, which is important because it gives you the possibility to have up to 200 troops, useful to attack.
Note: If you change the first mortar for the dark elixir storage, you will protect it more. Place a giant bomb in front of the walls of the first mortar and place the barbarian king in the place where the bomb was.

max level 7 town hall base

One of the biggest challenges in Clash of Clans is learning how to organize your village, especially if you are at an advanced stage, such as Town Hall level 7. There are many challenges to overcome here, including the type of enemies you have to deal with, and in turn, defend against them while you are not playing.
If you don't have a well-organized village, your trophies and characteristics will possibly plummet because you are giving your opponents a chance to advance and leave you behind. To prevent this from happening, in our complete Clash of Clans guide we have compiled the best options for you so that you can have a powerful defense in your empire.
Here we give importance to the projectiles, positioning them in several places where they work to cover a large part of the village terrain in order to prevent the Bombastic Balloons or any other powerful flying unit from advancing towards the Town Hall. At the same time, all around are also the defensive towers surrounding the buildings within the wall protection found here.

city hall 7 perfect defense 2021

1st Hybrid Town Hall Village 7Everything is well located, but the castle could be in the center, as well as the dark elixir store and the pink elixir ones are too vulnerable. See why I don't like this kind of villages?
2nd Hybrid Village of City Hall 7In this second village is already at least centered the castle, dark elixir and barbarian king. But the elixir stores are still too sideways, likewise, this will depend on how much you steal daily or how much elixir you use, but it seems to me that it is better to use farming villages.

how to make a good base in clash of clans town hall level 7

This is finally the first town hall where you really have to give your all to do well. The upgrades are expensive and last a couple of days or even more, as the case of the air defenses, the laboratory is full of things to improve and most of them are around a million pink elixir. So either you apply yourself with this guide or you're in for a rough ride.
As I was saying, this town hall is great because you already have walls and defenses to face many TH8 and some TH9 packs, plus you unlock three units that will be your friends for a long time: dragons, horsemen and the barbarian king.
First and foremost, upgrade the laboratory and the spell cauldron as this will allow you to pour pink elixir there. Next thing you have to do is to create the dark barracks and upgrade camps and then barracks.
As for the order of improvements of the laboratory, well, I have uploaded the same as explained in the article on how to improve the troops: first archers, barbarians and goblins and then dragons. Then I have been improving the rest as I have been more courageous.

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