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*These buildings are already in the base when the player enters the Builder Base for the first time, and are repaired when upgrading to TC2 in the tutorial. Other ruined buildings that are not repaired in TC2 are not counted as their repair is optional and cannot be attacked in battle until they are repaired.
By upgrading your Builder's Workshop the following Resource Buildings and Army Buildings are upgraded to these levels; for details visit the page of each structure to know what each upgrade brings:

Builder hall 8 base

Level 8 of Clash of Clans City Hall is one of the most important levels because we acquire a lot of new buildings and unlock new upgrade levels for existing structures.
When you reach level 8 you must make sure that each builder is performing the task that we will assign below. At this point you should already have all 4 builders, but if you don't, don't worry, because the tasks of builder 3 and 4 have been combined. If you have 4 builders you will go twice as fast as with three.
The first builder has only two clear objectives on his list: upgrading the Laboratory and the Clan Castle. Upgrading the Laboratory to level 6 is of utmost importance as the troops can be upgraded to level 5. Archers, Goblins, Giants, Barbarians and Wallbreakers should be upgraded as soon as possible and without pause between upgrades. Manage your elixir well so that the Laboratory is always up and running.
Keep in mind that all these upgrades need Elixir so manage it well so that the Lab is always up and running. The Laboratory always has priority over the other upgrades.

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In its new incarnation, the aerogun is an aerial troop that will target defensive structures. The aerogun's first attack will temporarily stun the enemy defense before it falls with its trusty steed the pig and reverts back to a normal dumbwaiter. If the aerogun is shot down before reaching its intended target, it will surrender its precious temporary flight and return to its land-based athletic form with its porcine friend as a regular Hog Rider.
Once O.T.T.O's hut is built, a series of tasks must be completed to upgrade O.T.T.O's hut. Once you have completed his tasks and the hut is fully upgraded to level 5, he will have access to O.T.T.O, the friendly robot builder who will take care of business while the master builder is in the village.
O.T.T.O will allow the master builder to leave the builder's base and become the 6th builder in the Village. However, if the master builder returns to the builder's base, then O.T.T.O will count as a second builder.

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The Builder is one of the most important elements when playing Clash of Clans. Thanks to them we can build structures in the village and even improve the ones we have already built. In total we can have five builders.
The third builder costs 500 gems, the fourth costs 1,000 gems and the fifth costs 2,000 gems. Below we explain the best methods to get gems and get all the builders as quickly as possible.
The Builder is one of the most important elements when playing Clash of Clans. Thanks to them we can build structures in the village and even improve the ones we have already built. In total we can have five builders.28 sep
Offensive structures Barracks: Allows you to train troops using elixir. Dark Barracks: Allows you to train dark troops using dark elixir. Laboratory: In this structure you can improve troops and spells by paying dark and purple elixir. ... Spell factory: Allows you to create spells.3 oct

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