Clash of clans aldea farming ayuntamiento 8

Clash of clans aldea farming ayuntamiento 8

Clash of clans aldea farming ayuntamiento 8 2022

1. The mortars should form a square, rectangle or rhombus. On the other hand, they should also be relatively centered (but not in the same compartment, nor side by side).
5. The clan castle must also be centered in such a way that it covers the whole village (something that is for all town halls), as it is the most powerful defense if you are in a good clan, of course.
7. The traps and teslas must be in a good location, nothing to place them near the town hall when it is outside (farming type village) or walled (there have been cases of traps with walls around them, rare but true).
I must say that the upper part is a little weak, but thanks to the fact that the stores are well distributed, the castle and king centered, and complies with all the tips mentioned at the top of the article, it is a good village. The most important thing for it to work, is to always have troops in the castle (that's why it's important to be in a good clan).
It seems to me that almost everything is perfect, except for 1 thing: The king is not near the dark warehouse, why don't we put him where the pink elixir is? yes, there are some modifications to be made but as I know that you like my articles I have already left them ready. Click here to see it :).

Unstoppable town hall 8 base

Farming consists of attacking bases to obtain resources and forget about trophies. Even if trophies are not important, it is necessary to keep a trophy rank that depends a lot on your town hall. Farming is like a religion, a way of understanding life, of being one with the Universe... in short, if you want to farm like the champions you need two very important things: Patience and Faith.
Be patient because Supercell has a base full of resources for you, but has put it at the end of an endless list of shitty bases. So besides having patience you will have to believe that that perfect base with full harvesters and depleted defenses is waiting for you on the next try. Next!
If we add it up we get 2.382.089 gold and 2.197.161 pink elixir from 8:00 to 14:00. To this we must add the bonus for winning the battles ... so 12 battles won, at 50,000 gold and elixir each battle won is ... 600,000 gold and 600,000 elixir plus 3,600 dark only with the league bonus. Well, let's get down to business. My tips are...

This Japanese guy has a village to watch out for. He divides his village into 3 quadrants, one every 120 degrees: NORTH, SOUTHWEST and SOUTHEAST. This shows that you can indeed distribute the village in identical patterns and in a regular way.
In addition, the corridor of defenses is almost continuous: even if you enter with your giants, they will go up or down the defenses, deviating from the straight line. It will be difficult to position the wall breakers correctly to reach the second line of walls, the ones protecting the tanks.

Clash of clans aldea farming ayuntamiento 8 2021

Until today, the vast majority of villages in Clash of Clans were farming villages with the town hall placed outside the walls. This was a simple technique to avoid losing your precious resources by focusing the attacker's attention on the town hall and when your town hall was destroyed, you automatically received a shield. This is history and as of today you will no longer receive a shield when your town hall is destroyed and the town hall now also stores gold, pink elixir and dark elixir.
"A village for farming is a village where the town hall is placed in a location where it is fully exposed while the resource stores are heavily guarded. By placing the town hall in an exposed manner, you will have a large percentage of your attackers destroy the town hall without even attempting to steal your resources. Every time your town hall is destroyed, you will receive a 12 hour protective shield that will protect your resources as long as it is in effect or you decide to end the shield to attack another village".

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