Buy clash of clans account

Buy clash of clans account

account clash of clans

This game has millions of users all over the world, some of which have very powerful villages, and others not so many. The reason for this huge difference is the time, dedication and effort we have put into building our village.
For example, a person who is able to dedicate a lot of time will have a very advanced account and a very powerful village. However, a person who has not dedicated time, his village will not be able to compete with the rest.
Since not everyone has the patience and tenacity to advance manually, they resort to other methods to be able to start directly with a good level. This method is the purchase of Clash of Clans accounts, something that allows a user who buys another user's account, an advanced account, to have everything at the maximum level without having to dedicate any effort.
On the other hand, there are people who have a high level, who have dedicated hundreds of hours, who have a great level, but for one reason or another, they have to quit. Work, studies or simply boredom makes that in the end we have to retire from this fantastic game.

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The season deposit is a mechanism that resembles a piggy bank: it magically fills up as you gain resources in multiplayer battles! Every time you attack a Village, the loot obtained will be deposited in your stores as usual, but in addition, magically the same amount of loot you collected will also appear in your season deposit.
Players who are at the silver level will also have access to this seasonal deposit. Players who get the gold pass have the opportunity to unlock more capacity in the tank.
Resources beyond the maximum will overflow. Note that if your storages are at maximum capacity, you will not be able to get resources from your collectors until it goes back below maximum.

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We've been wondering if we can buy or sell accounts in Clash Royale, something that many users have implemented with Clash of Clans and now want to do in Clash Royale, because there are many who have 3,000 cups and a more than modest team, a team that is certainly worth money. But to what extent can we buy/sell or give away cards in Clash Royale? We analyze it, so that you know what the subject is about and what to do.
Given this it is clear that we must be very careful, because if we want to buy an account from a user with 3,000 trophies, that account will never be ours because we have not created it and Supercell knows it, and it is a policy that they do not support in their games.

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I sell Clash Royale account level 13. All cards found 99/99. 35 of them at maximum level of which 4 are legendary (See photos). All tower skins unlocked (Bought the battle pass all seasons 60 in total). 64 reactions, including many of them that can no longer be obtained (See photos). Maximum trophies earned 6396. 195 war victories (You will be able to join almost any clan in the game) Name change available.
I have sold numerous items on the internet, I have been a League of Legends, Clash Royale and Brawl Stars boosters with great success. I am a verified seller of the two most famous sites of video game items and services on the internet: Playerup and Playerauctions. My profile: s: //.219971/
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